Group Therapy

We provide trauma-informed, person-centered, strengths-based group therapy. When experiencing difficulty, due to life circumstances, it is essential to feel that you are not alone. We offer a wide array of specialized support groups, ranging from postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and re-entry from incarceration, in effort to meet the needs of you and our community.

Individual Therapy

We provide trauma-informed, person-centered, strengths-based individual therapy. Whether you are experiencing a personal crisis or having difficulty managing stress, we are able to help you process your struggles to better manage your emotions and move forward. Our mental health professionals utilize various therapeutic modalities, based on their personal styles and individualized needs.


Blending traditional psychiatric services with beneficial holistic practices, our outpatient community mental health clinic offers individualized care and attention clients need to start healing. We provide evidence-based treatment, including everything from psychopharmacology to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our trauma care approach uses the principles of safety, empowerment, trustworthiness, collaboration and choice. Clients are empowered to be […]